I’m Nicola Chan

Mind & Body Confidence Coach

Coaching For Mind and Body

Body Confidence

This is a 12 Week course available online Via Zoom.

It involves group coaching with Nicola using techniques from NLP and Hypnotherapy to help you become Body Confident.

Personal Training

Nicola has been in the fitness Industry for 16 years, she specialises in Weightlifting and Body Confidence (training for Athletics over Aesthetics).

Nicola is qualified in many classes but her favorites are HIIT, Combat and Pump.  

Helping You Achieve Body Positivity

Anything is possible

If I can go from doing 16 punishment hours of exercise a week, suffering from Body Dysmorphia and HA (Hypothalamic Amenorrhea – no periods) to having a Balanced way of moving my body because it feels good and nourishing then I promise you, you can too!

“Once you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

You can change your body, but if you don’t change how you feel about yourself on the inside you will still not find happiness.


Do you struggle with food and body image?


Are you fed up with dieting?


Do you want to accept yourself?


Are you searching for the freedom to express yourself?

Body Confidence

I can help you find and step into your true authentic self, by empowering you with body confidence.

NLP & Hypnotherapy

NLP and Hypnotherapy

I’ll offer you a calm and confidential space to explore life problems and issues, and helping you to make the changes you need to move forwards in your life.

Women's Self Defence

Women's Self Defence

I teach not only the ability to physically defend yourself, but also how to avoid conflict and dangerous situations, controlling confrontations, and safely escaping.

Personal Training

Personal Training

You need someone you can trust, be honest with and who understands your needs, goals and any limitations. This is why it’s so important to have a no obligation chat first. 



Your personalised meditation will allow you more growth. You’ll be able to adapt, grow and create new habits and ways of thinking.

Who is Body Confidence for?

If you struggle with food, body image, low confidence and low self-esteem then this course is for you.

I can help you to overcome these issues and in doing so, find a new identity. To be who you really want to be. To have freedom around food and body image.

To finally be able to speak up for yourself, be unapologetic about who you are and empower yourself with true Body Confidence.

“Once you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

You can change your body, it is totally possible, but the results are short-lived and if you don’t change how you feel about yourself you will be on a continuous cycle.

WOMEN who struggle with food and body image

Do you feel out of control with food? Does chocolate speak to you from the cupboard? Do you spend time worrying about meals out with family or friends?

Do you feel you have to count calories or macros and end up Binge eating anyway? Do you spend long periods of time in the mirror worrying about what you look like, weighing and pinching your fat?

OR you avoid using the mirror altogether? Does your Body Image determine if you have a good day or a bad day?

WOMEN who want to step into their power

Do you feel tired of helping everyone else and have no time or energy left for yourself. Do you often get resentful to others but still keep saying YES to things. Do you struggle setting boundaries with your children or colleagues?

Stepping into your power is about owning your feelings and thoughts and being ok to express them. It’s about accepting yourself warts and all.

WOMEN who want to nourish their bodies with fitness & strength

If you’ve had a bad relationship with exercise or used exercise as a way of punishing yourself for food or even to cause pain or self harm, I can help you to find a more balanced approach, one that supports your menstrual cycles, fertility and makes your body feel nourished.

WOMEN who are fed up with dieting

When you feel like you’ve done every diet under the sun but still don’t like your body. You know the diets are causing you harm and you are ready to stop but don’t know how to OR you fear what will happen if you do.

It’s what you know, it worked before so you keep going back but feel anxious about this never-ending cycle.

WOMEN who want to accept themselves

If you feel somewhat ready to stop fighting yourself, your body and your hunger, come and learn self-acceptance, freedom and empowerment.

Step one is your intention, you are already on the journey.

WOMEN who want freedom to express themselves

Many women who have shrunk themselves to fit societies norms often feel they have also had to shrink their opinions and their voices!

This course will help to empower you to find your true expression of yourself and to start showing up.

About Me

I am a Body Confidence Coach.

I help people using an array of tools from both Fitness and Mindset.

I’ve been where you are now. When I was young, I had ZERO confidence; I was bullied at school, I thought I was ugly, I suffered from racial stigma and thought things would always be that way.

I struggled for many years with food and my body image which led to an Eating Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Infertility…

When I reached rock bottom, I made a decision. If hating my body isn’t working anymore, what if I start to love my body instead? And I went onto Google, as you do, and I typed in the words “BODY POSITIVITY.” From there on my life was changed for good. I now use my story, my experience and my coaching to help other women and girls.

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What Others Say

“Wow, what a difference I feel!

I remember I came to you with my word – “consistency”.

I find that I have that now in many areas of my life, my parenting, my moods, my exercise and eating habits etc.

Through the NLP sessions with you, I have been able to identify many residual thoughts and feelings which were not useful to me any more.

This has helped to create a new motivation and mindset for me, where I can achieve anything if I just keep trying. Thank you for all the support!”

Jess Shaw


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Amber Body Positive Testimonial

Free Online Resources


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Nicola's recommended books

Recommended Books

Continue your journey on your own with my recommended reading list of books to help you. Click on the title to buy on Amazon.

HAES Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon
Intuitive Eating
Women Don't Owe You Pretty by Florence Given.


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Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Join my 12-week Body Confidence course

I can help you if you:

  • struggle with food and body image
  • want to step into your power
  • want to nourish your body with fitness & strength
  • are fed up with dieting
  • want to accept yourself
  • want freedom to express yourself.
Nicola Chan is Rainbow Green Verified

Waishee Coaching is LGBTQIA+ inclusive and proud to be on the directory of Proud wellness.

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