Terms and Conditions for Waishee Coaching Online Body Confidence Course

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before enrolling in the Waishee Coaching Online Body Confidence Course. By accessing and utilising the course, you agree to abide by the terms outlined herein:

1. Access and Membership:

    • Upon payment, members will receive lifetime access to the online body confidence self-guided course.
    • Membership is non-transferable and is intended for individual use only.
    • Waishee coaching body confidence course is designed for female identifying people only aged 15+.

2. 121 Sessions:

    • Members are entitled to 2 x 121 sessions with Waishee Coaching.
    • These sessions must be scheduled within the 12-week period from the date of enrolment.
    • Failure to schedule and attend these sessions within the stipulated timeframe may result in forfeiture of the sessions.
    • These sessions will be conducted on Zoom in GMT time zone Monday-Friday.

3. Testimonials:

    • Participants are encouraged to provide a testimonial upon completion of the course, although it is not mandatory.
    • Testimonials may be used for promotional purposes on the Waishee Coaching website or other marketing materials.

4. Participant Responsibility:

    • Participants understand and acknowledge that they are undertaking the course at their own risk.
    • Waishee Coaching, including its instructors and affiliates, bears no responsibility for any medical or psychological issues that may arise during or after participation in the course.
    • Participants are advised to seek guidance from their healthcare professionals, including physicians and psychologists, before starting the course.
    • It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that the course is suitable for their individual needs and circumstances.
    • It is the participant’s responsibility to make Waishee coaching aware if they are or become diagnosed with an Eating Disorder.

5. Waiver of Liability:

    • By enrolling in the Waishee Coaching Online Body Confidence Self-Guided Course, participants agree to waive any liability against Waishee Coaching, its instructors, and affiliates, for any adverse effects or consequences experienced during or after participation in the course.

6. Privacy Policy:

    • Waishee Coaching is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of its members’ personal information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

7. Amendments:

    • Waishee Coaching reserves the right to amend or update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
    • Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the Waishee Coaching website.

By accessing and participating in the Waishee Coaching Online Body Confidence Course, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at waisheecoaching@gmail.com or admin@waisheecoaching.co.uk.

Effective: March 2024


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