So I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger over on fellow Snapchatter Karen @blissbakery blog site. It’s all about love for the month of February. (Yankedoodlepaddy) When I think about LOVE as many of us do, I think about relationships first. Intimacy, sexual love and then I think about family love and my relationship with my daughter. We are two firey passionate women (she’s now 20) and we have a strong but unstable relationship. *I’m working on this… all things can’t be solved at once. I then think about my body and how much I love my body especially after all the years I’ve hated her. In the once destructive relationship I had with her I was able to forgive her and her me and we are now at peace and balance and acceptance.


Love and Work

Next, I think about my job.. I teach fitness and I coach people in a nutshell. But really….what I do is facilitate change so that people can find love, be in love and accept love which = happiness. Ask anyone the 7 layers deep question of “WHY” and the highest positive intention of why they do what they do is to find HAPPINESS! Why do you want to lose weight, or run that marathon, or get that job? Layers and layers of EGO, so I look good, so I am worthy, so I can be somebody. Keep asking why and the final answer is = happiness.

Being a facilitator of love and happiness fills me with joy! I wake up excited in the morning for my day. I am grateful for yesterday and I look forward to tomorrow. During the sessions PT/class or coaching. I am in flow. I am present. I am there for my people/client/members.. I do it with love. I am the ‘prosperous coach’ (a very good book, one of my fav’s if you haven’t read it) However one thing is missing. The prosperity in terms of money. Show me the Money! Money = energy.


Money Blocks

I’m going to be honest here because there’s a reason I am not a money coach. There is a reason I won’t tell you my 7 steps to get rich or get more clients. Because I am on that journey myself. All coaches are on journeys we need coaches too.

I can help you with relationships, attracting a partner, lover, learning to love your body, letting go of the past, overcoming eating issues, etc. I am confident and competent. I have served many clients this way and I am good at what I do.

On each of our journeys, we have lessons to learn. Whenever you hit a bump in the road. Be grateful. It’s a lesson you need to learn at the level you are at so you can reach the next level. I am about to be catapulted to the next level, I am in an elastic band and in order to accelerate forward I am being pulled back to clear up something I didn’t learn. Some limiting beliefs and blocks I have around the subject of money (stay with me, on the edge of your seat just as I am in this elastic band. Can you feel the excitement? Anticipation?.. I can!)


Moving forward

I am so grateful for this place I’m in and I’m enjoying these lessons and now I can ask for the money, “show me the money”. Like literally universe…. “show me the money”. Money is energy and the law of reciprocity means when you give energy you receive energy in exchange. If you receive a gift you feel indebted until you reciprocate. It even goes as far as when you get a voice note… you reciprocate with a voice note (go on, try it…I dare you.. you’ll see).

So I’m continuing to give love and Energy and I now understand that I deserve money, that I am worthy and with money, I can serve more people. I am in positive vibration for money. Now…I let go! I’ve done the work. I let go of the outcome. I trust the Universe and now I fly through the air from this force of elastic resistance change of direction. I am going forward with almighty force.

See you on the other side

With love. xxxx

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