I started weightlifting by chance.

I was previously an exercise addict teaching classes in the gym and doing way too much exercise in the name of making money. Really burning calories was my goal.

Once I recovered from my Binge-eating Disorder and Exercise addiction, I wanted to do something new with my body. I still had a passion for movement and, as an ex Martial Artist, I wanted something with a Skill rather than just moving for no reason.

I went to a Parkour class and loved it, I discovered someone local to me who taught it so I went for a 1-2-1.

That person was Kristian McPhee, two times British weightlifting champion, and I asked him if my next session could be a weightlifting trial.

My Weightlifting Journey

I had started my Weightlifting journey. No one ever talks about the beginning. No one seems to share the smaller (less heavy) training sessions on the Gram. So you might think Weightlifting is for those who are already great at it! I know I did.

My goal for weightlifting was not really for anyone else but it now is. The more I do the sport, the more I want it to be inclusive and the more I want to offer it to others in the name of Body Confidence!

Your Personal Best

I love that it’s about your own PB’s (Personal best) and that you don’t have to look a certain way. The only measuring done is to get an idea of your body weight to the weight you can lift.

It’s also a refreshing place to go and get fit without people asking about your body.

I find more than anything that it’s about psychology. About how you feel, how much concentration you have, how to manage your emotions, how to be calm and focused, and how to listen to your body.

Completely different from overriding your body’s signals to endure more reps and more time on a calorie-burning quest.

Now I’m offering weightlifting classes for women and young people over 15 years old.

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