12 Week Course for Women

Learn how to overcome food and body image issues, find your voice and your power!

 Say YES to yourself today!

Wai Shee Coaching for Mind & Body

This is for Women Who…

  • Suffer with low self esteem and low confidence.
  • Have an issue with Disordered Eating, Body Image or Both.
  • See themselves as People Pleasers, non-assertive, and who feel they do everything for everyone else and not themselves.
  • Have feelings of jealousy towards others.
  • Compare themselves to others.
  • Limit themselves and their potential, i.e., have a loud Inner critic/bully.
  • Have lost their power by becoming a victim of crime, domestic violence, circumstances or situations out of their control.
  • Attract the wrong people into their lives.

What those who’ve experienced this change say:

12-Week Course Content

Week 1

We get an insight into some of the tools we use during the programme and introduce everybody to the course.

Week 2

We journal about the Self, “Who Are You?” and “Who Do You Want To Be?” Increasing awareness of values beliefs and social conditioning.

Week 3

Look at intuitive Eating vs eating from a plan and how to trust yourself around food.

Week 4

We look at Self Sabotage and how this has become a part of our lives. We try some tools to silence the Inner Critic/Bully.

Week 5

“Why Diets Don’t Work”, webinar and discuss social, emotional and ethical impacts of dieting.

Week 6

Fitness Motivators and Negative Body Image. Introduce “Movement” as a concept and “Whole Being Health “creating long-term sustainable habits.

Week 7

Confidence, what it is to each individual, how they view confidence and tools to become confident.

Week 8

Non-Violent Communication, an intro into the work of Marshall Rosenburg and how we can use some of these tools to be assertive and communicate our needs.

Week 9

FEAR. How fear has stopped us from achieving results. Where does it comes from? Find practical solutions to help us manage and overcome it.

Week 10

Restriction. How we may have used restriction with food and life. We look at self care and receiving.

Week 11

Using the ‘Wheel Of Life’ exercise and the ‘Wheel Of Emotions’ we look at areas of life we would like to improve.

Week 12

Being Seen, in this final week, we reflect back on the journey and look at how we can be seen and start showing up as our new Body Confident selves.

Your Investment

You have 2 options:

  1. Work 1:1 with me with guided coaching/mentoring sessions throughout course;
  2. Work through the online course on your own with 1 x 1 hour group call per week.

Guided 1:1 Investment

Group Coaching Investment

Why Nicola?

  • I suffered badly when I was a teenager with Low Self Esteem and Low Confidence. I came from a Dysfunctional Family and found it difficult to make friends.
  • I was bullied at school, experienced racism and felt isolated.
  • At aged 14 I was a victim of Rape and Sexual Assault and suffered violent Panic attacks thereafter.
  • At aged 16 I became a Teenage Mum.
  • As I entered into the world of parenting I chose to educate myself to start to design my future for my family. I started learning about Personal development.
  • I became a Fitness Instructor in 2009. It was in the Fitness Industry that I started to believe that my Body was the problem and if I could control my body image and my food I could finally be happy.
  • Fast forward 16 years, I overcame an eating Disorder, Body Dysmorphia and I am now a certified NLP master Practitioner and I mentor and coach girls with my story.
  • In 2020 I developed Body Confidence 12 week online course.
Nicola Chan, NLP Coach.
Nicola is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Personal Trainer.
Nicola holds an Advanced DBS and PLI.
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