Remember who you are – Act by Alice Noir

I just want to stay here, for it hurts too much to move, I know they’re watching out there, will they disapprove?

I am lying in a fetal position weighed down by these chains, chains of guilt and shame, do you think I am to blame?

The song plays in the background “this life is a dream, it will be over in the blink of an eye, remember who you are, remember what you are”

ALICE, lookup, ALICE get up the audience awaits.

They want to see you rise up, remove those chains and weight.

Shadows and shapes of faces unrecognizable, We may talk in different languages but I think you are challengeable.

She continues to sing “who’s life is this, who’s hands are these, who’s voice is this? What am I”?

You see my vulnerability, I remove my victim clothes, I feel dirty and disgusted that I didn’t fight, I froze.

You see the truth of this act on my body, wait patiently and curious…

These clothes come off, my body is labelled in words so dark and glorious.

“this life is beautiful” “this life is horrible”.

The beat comes in and I begin to rise strong, Baring all like this feels right, like the words to this song.

It’s time for My final reveal, My body uncovering.

OMKARA sing-along, Liberation from suffering.

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